PAIN Terminator Analgesic Patch
PAIN Terminator Analgesic Patch

PAIN Terminator Analgesic Patch

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PAIN Terminator Analgesic Patch contains a piezoelectric ingredient that is activated by body heat to emit a Far Infrared frequency along with Chinese herbs.

  • Reduces pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation.
  • Perfect for arthritis, sprains, bruising, and mensural pains. 
  • Each package contains 5 patches (10cm x 7.5cm ea).
  • Apply directly onto clean and dry affected area.  

Active IngredientsMenthol 3%, Wintergreen Oil 0.5%

Inactive Ingredients: Sesame oil, resin, paeoniae veitchii radix, zinc oxide, drynariae rhizoma, angelicae sinensis radix, carthami flos, pyritum, draconis resina, frankincense, myrrha, terebinthina, ligustiei rhizoma,achyranthis radix, acanthopanacus cortex, acori rhizoma, atractylodis rhizoma, tourmaline, saussureae radix, gentianae macrophyllae radix, cnidii monnieri fructus, cinnamomum cortex, aconitituber, pinelliae tuber, dendrobii caulis, dioscoreae tokoro rhizoma, indigo carmine, tartrazine.